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You know what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, but you may be wondering how to apply it in your role or business. Discover the power of AI to drive accelerated business growth while reducing third-party cyber risks,  This webinar explores how AI can optimize operations, enhance risk insights, streamline manual processes, and strengthen cyber risk management. 

Hear from Mark Sutton, CISO & MD of Bain Capital and Paul Valente, CISO & Co-Founder of VISO TRUST about how they’re incorporating the power of AI into their security strategies, workflows, and shifting their teams to focus on strategic work.

The webinar discusses:

  • Benefits of building an AI strategy today within your business
  • How AI can automate critical security tasks, detect third and Nth party risk, and fortifies your overall cybersecurity program
  • Gain insights into emerging trends, best practices, and practical strategies for integrating ethical AI effectively
  • Empowering teams to leverage AI to tap into their full potential at work
  • Open Q&A Session: An interactive opportunity for participants to engage with Mark Sutton and Paul Valente to gain further insights on AI and cybersecurity

Download it today to unlock the potential of AI and propel your business to accelerate growth in the digital age. 

Webinar | How AI Can Accelerate Business Growth & Reduce Third-Party Risk

Meet the Panelists!

Our panelists have extensive knowledge and expertise across cybersecurity, AI, ML, and third-party cyber risk management.

Webinar Panel: Can We Shift Left With Third-Party Risk?

Paul Valente

CEO & Co-Founder, VISO TRUST

Webinar | How AI Can Accelerate Business Growth & Reduce Third-Party Risk 1

Mark Sutton

CISO & Managing Director, Bain Capital

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