Frequently Asked Questions

VISO TRUST is taking a fundamentally different approach from existing third-party risk management solutions. So, here's a few quick tips and questions that we wanted to cover with you. Anything else on your mind? Reach out to us and share your feedback!

How does VISO TRUST's approach differ from existing TPRM approaches?


VISO TRUST’s third-party cyber risk management platform leverages a collection of industry leading proprietary artificial intelligence services called VISO Oracle, including our core offering: Artifact Intelligence which discovers, classifies, and assesses relevant control information in source artifacts that third parties already have.

Unlike traditional risk rating or questionnaire-based methods, VISO TRUST’s modern approach eliminates the need for manual assessments with end-to-end automated due diligence, simplifying engagement with vendors to just a matter of minutes while delivering high fidelity, actionable intelligence not possible with prior methods. The VISO TRUST AI-powered platform saves time, reduces costs, and improves the overall effectiveness of vendor risk management for security leaders and practitioners.

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How would VISO Trust perform the risk assessment if the vendor has no security docs (ISO, SOC2) etc?


In addition to Third party attested documents such as SOC reports, ISO 27001 certifications and Statement of Applicability, penetration testing reports, etc. vendors can upload self attested documents such as completed questionnaires, security policies etc. These will carry a lower level of assurance in our model. If none of these are available, we do provide a streamlined questionnaire that is specific to the controls that are in scope that can be answered by the vendor via our vendor portal.

How many vendors do you have in your system currently?


We have thousands of vendors across many customers in our system. However, while we take advantage of the network effect this provides, we are not an exchange. Our automated assessments are specific to how you do business with the vendor.

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