The Challenge:

When your organization is building the world’s most autonomous vehicles, there are no shortcuts, especially when it comes to security and risk.

For Cruise, third party assessments became a time-consuming and cumbersome process for the security team and stakeholders. It was not a sustainable process for growth.

This lead to:

  • Increased Risk Exposure
  • Business Inefficiency
  • Unknown Attack Surface

The impact of these challenges created concerns about risk exposure. Security breaches are rising at a dramatic pace in the US and globally. As the threat of breach becomes more common, security teams are facing more demand and pressure than ever before.

The Solution

Read the full customer story to learn how Cruise turned to VISO TRUST to leverage AI and machine learning to completely automate third-party risk management workflows for Cruise, along with:

  • Cutting vendor assessment response time in half
  • Eliminating 100% of backlog in 60 days
  • Benefiting from 90% operational savings using VISO TRUST

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"VISO TRUST has completely automated the process, allowing us to reduce staff expenses by 90% and improve time to complete by 50%, while supporting 117% more vendor risk management assessments."

- Alexander Hughes, Director of Information Security, Trust and Assurance