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Webinar Panel: Building a Successful Third-Party Risk Program

On-demand Webinar

Building a Successful TPRM/VRM Program

This webinar panel has extensive experience in GRC and third-party risk management.

Risk is inherent in any business/vendor relationship. Many businesses are leveraging cloud providers, SaaS solutions, business partners, agencies, and more as they embrace a cloud-first world.

The average company typically has hundreds of third-party relationships that they share critical data with. If your third-party partner suffers a material breach, this could impact your businesses’ crown jewels (e.g. customer data, financials, reputation, business available).

Third-party risk management is hard. It requires deep transparency, accountability, and business alignment. Security leaders have to build trust and transparency across hundreds if not thousands of vendors.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Challenges in managing a growing vendor ecosystem
  • Current landscape of third-party risk
  • Ways to mitigate or reduce risk with TPRM frameworks
  • Create a TPRM framework that aligns with your business
  • How to prepare for third-party risk in 2023
  • Recommended TPRM initiatives and goals for success


Meet the Panel

Webinar Panel: Can We Shift Left With Third-Party Risk?

Paul Valente

CEO & Co-Founder, VISO Trust

Webinar Panel: Building a Successful Third-Party Risk Program

Blake Hoge

Risk & Compliance, AirBnb

Webinar Panel: Building a Successful Third-Party Risk Program 1

Pamela Gupta

CEO & Former CISO, Outsecure