VISO TRUST, Shared Assessments Licensing Extends Relationship, Accelerates TPRM Program Maturity with New Ease, Allowing Companies to Increase Scope and Immediacy of Assessments

Patented AI Platform Drives Unprecedented Questionnaire-Free TPRM Assessments and Auto-Completes Questionnaires. Ingests, Auto-Populates SIG and All other TPRM Questionnaires in Minutes, Not Months.

San Francisco, December 13, 2023VISO TRUST, the frontrunner in AI-driven third-party cyber risk management (TPRM), reaffirms its commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation by announcing the licensing of the 2024 Shared Assessments Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire for its state-of-the-art platform.

The Shared Assessments SIG Questionnaire is renowned across industries for its role in standardizing third-party risk information. From vendor artifacts and evidence, and with no need for human interaction, the VISO TRUST platform delivers:

  • Questionnaire-free assessments;
  • Full auto-population of the Shared Assessments SIG;
  • Uploading and full auto-population of every TPRM questionnaire, including custom questionnaires;
  • Unprecedented speed of completion of third party and Nth party assessments.

Automatically populating the SIG or any custom questionnaire from vendor artifacts and evidence, without requiring human interaction, empowers risk professionals in numerous ways. For example, it equips them to:

  1. Focus on the more strategic aspects of their mission,
  2. Expand their program’s scope to include analysis of both vendors and partners who are currently identified as high risk, and also analyze and more fully understand cyber risks presented by the broader array of their ecosystem vendors,
  3. Identify high-risk vendors with up to 500% greater accuracy,
  4. Rapidly achieve new levels of TPRM program maturity,
  5. Give senior management a new holistic perspective on vendor risk, and
  6. Alert senior management immediately on “red flags” presented by potential partners and acquisition targets, the “blast radius” and potential organizational impacts arising from partners who are experiencing security events, equip them to quickly and more completely respond to TPRM-related questions and issues raised by their Board or stakeholders.

Developed with input from 300 CISOs, the VISO TRUST Platform is relied upon by many of the largest and most mature companies, contains more than 2.4 million companies in its vendor database, recognizes more than 25 security frameworks, and leverages hundreds of different types of source artifacts.

Paul Valente, CEO and Co-Founder of VISO TRUST, expressed the significance of this development, saying, “Shared Assessments is long recognized for providing the global risk management community with foundational resources for effective TPRM program management. This licensing agreement brings new intelligence, usability, and ease of use to these invaluable assets by leveraging AI to apply and assess VISO TRUST’s vast universe of vendor artifacts readily available on more than 2.4 million vendors.”

“Threat actors’ AI-driven tactics, the ever-expanding complexities and scope of enterprise and organizational IT infrastructures, and the increasing scrutiny of every organization’s cybersecurity by its shareholders all make the use of AI-driven TPRM essential. We are proud to lead the sector in developing more comprehensive assessments that bring new precision to the organization’s most important decision-making processes, and are actively working closely with the resources that TPRM programs depend most heavily on – or should – such as the Shared Assessments Program,” said Russell Sherman, VISO TRUST CTO and Co-Founder.

The Shared Assessments SIG Questionnaire is revered for its thorough coverage of risk areas, enabling organizations to conduct comprehensive assessments of third-party cybersecurity. With its incorporation into VISO TRUST’s AI-powered TPRM platform, users gain the advantage of a holistic perspective on vendor risk, allowing for informed decisions with unparalleled precision.

VISO TRUST’s patented Artifact Intelligence supports any framework including the Shared Assessments framework but can also automatically complete SIG questionnaires using existing security program artifacts and evidence, and provide questionnaire-less assessments. Furthermore, it can enrich any completed SIG questionnaire to generate a comprehensive risk assessment without requiring user intervention.

Inclusion of the 2024 Shared Assessments SIG Questionnaire reflects VISO TRUST’s leadership in setting industry standards through the application of AI and adherence to best practices. This milestone further solidifies VISO TRUST’s position as an AI innovative leader in the TPRM arena and the frontrunner in cyber risk management.

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VISO TRUST is a trailblazing leader in AI-driven third-party risk management (TPRM), offering an innovative platform that empowers organizations to make informed decisions with unparalleled precision and timeliness. Founded by CEO Paul Valente and CTO Russell Sherman, VISO TRUST is at the forefront of transforming the cybersecurity landscape by continually enhancing its platform’s capabilities and integrations. 

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Shared Assessments is a member-driven organization committed to advancing best practices and standards to empower practitioners to navigate their careers and build stronger TPRM programs. Shared Assessments’ SIG is updated with industry standards, emerging risks and regulations, and the collective intelligence of our members every year to keep pace with the shifting third-party risk landscape. To learn more about Shared Assessments and the SIG, please visit


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