Managing Supply Chain Risk

On-demand webinar

Key strategies for enhanced third-party risk management

In today’s interconnected business landscape, managing third-party risks is more critical than ever. Insights from this webinar, sponsored by VISO TRUST and hosted by the CyberRisk Alliance, highlight the need for robust strategies to address these risks effectively.

The webinar goes over the dynamic nature of third-party risks and the essential strategies to manage them. Access invaluable insights and practical tips to fortify your third-party risk management approach. Don’t miss out on expert guidance to secure your business operations against third-party vulnerabilities.

Get access to the webinar to learn:

  • Third-party threat awareness: Organizations report significant breaches originating from third-party vendors, underscoring the urgency of enhancing risk management frameworks.
  • Vendor management strategies: The importance of rigorous assessments and prioritizing high-risk areas to ensure robust monitoring and compliance.
  • The lifecycle of TPRM:
    • Assessment: Conduct thorough assessments and continuous reassessments of vendors.
    • Classification: Classify vendors based on potential impact to efficiently allocate resources.
    • Mitigation: Implement proactive mitigation strategies, including detailed incident response plans.
  • Leveraging tools and automation: Utilize advanced TPRM tools such as GRC platforms and systems like VISO TRUST to automate tasks and enhance program effectiveness.
  • Regular engagement and compliance: Maintain stringent security clauses in contracts and ensure ongoing dialogue with vendors for better compliance and swift issue resolution.