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Take control of your third party security posture

Third party risk is undermining your security and crushing your team. VISO Trust solves this problem.

Trusted by companies worldwide
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VISO TRUST's next generation third party risk platform lets your security team effortlessly access risk intelligence for any number of third parties.

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Instantly assess all your third parties, without hiring additional analysts.

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Continuously exceed ISO, NIST, AICPA and other standards, without slowing business.

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Reduce Risk

Take action to reduce risk without reading documents and analyzing surveys.

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VISO Trust is the only SaaS third party cyber risk management platform that delivers the rapid security intelligence needed for modern companies to make critical risk decisions early in the procurement process.

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    Turnkey Due Diligence

    Turnkey Due Diligence simplifies an otherwise complex process and allows companies to effortlessly assess third parties.

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    Document Intelligence

    By using curated AI to extract relevant insights from artefacts, Document Intelligence determines the security posture of vendors automatically, without any user interaction.

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    Lifecycle Automation

    Using intelligent automated workflows and notifications, Lifecycle Automation engages vendors at key intervals to keep risk insights
up-to-date and accurate.

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See VISO TRUST in action.

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Take control of your third party security posture

VISO TRUST Customer - Illumio | James Nelson

VISO Trust has enabled us to bring the security staff time per relationship down from more than 8 hours to only 30 minutes – for us that’s gold.

VISO TRUST Customer - Cruise | Alexander Hughes

We needed a solution to streamline our fragmented vendor risk process, and once we found VISO Trust, I knew their approach beat any alternative option.

Meet the Panel

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Webinar Panel: Can We Shift Left With Third-Party Risk? 2

John doe

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Webinar Panel: Can We Shift Left With Third-Party Risk? 1

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Take control today.
 Explore the world of VISO TRUST.

This is the third post in a three part series on creating a reusable ML pipeline that is initiated with a single config file and five user-defined functions. The pipeline is finetuning-based for the purposes of classification, runs on distributed GPUs on AWS Sagemaker and uses Huggingface Transformers, Accelerate, Datasets & Evaluate, PyTorch, wandb and more.

This post will cover the training and testing (inference) steps. These are the core steps in a ML pipeline where a model is hyper-parameter tuned and the test set is used to measure performance. If you have landed on this post first, check out the first post in the series detailing the pipeline setup and the second post detailing the data steps.

Training and Tuning

The reason I have combined Training and Tuning into one section is that Tuning just is a set of training jobs where performance is incrementally improved through the changing of hyperparameters. As such, underneath the covers, the two types of jobs are calling the same code. Like we have previously, let’s take a look first at perform_training() and perform_tuning() to see how the code interacts with Sagemaker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VISO TRUST is taking a fundamentally different approach from existing third-party risk management solutions. So, here's a few quick tips and questions that we wanted to cover with you. Anything else on your mind? Reach out to us and share your feedback!

How does VISO TRUST's approach differ from existing TPRM approaches?

  • Understand Complex Vendor Relationships: VISO TRUST incorporates the business context of vendor relationships in our process. By incorporating the business context of vendor relationships, VISO Trust provides a more holistic and strategic approach to third-party risk management, helping businesses make informed risk decisions that are aligned with their overall business objectives.


  • Use of AI and Machine Learning: VISO TRUST leverages AI and Machine Learning to automate the assessment and analysis of third-party risks at scale. This allows for a more efficient and accurate risk assessment process, reducing the need for manual intervention and providing unbiased, accurate results.


  • Augmented by Third-Party Experts: VISO TRUST proudly showcases that we leverage the strengths of both humans and machines, resulting in a more accurate and efficient risk assessment process.

How would VISO Trust perform the risk assessment if the vendor has no security docs (ISO, SOC2) etc?


In addition to Third party attested documents such as SOC reports, ISO 27001 certifications and Statement of Applicability, penetration testing reports, etc. vendors can upload self attested documents such as completed questionnaires, security policies etc. These will carry a lower level of assurance in our model. If none of these are available, we do provide a streamlined questionnaire that is specific to the controls that are in scope that can be answered by the vendor via our vendor portal.

How many vendors do you have in your system currently?


We have thousands of vendors across many customers in our system. However, while we take advantage of the network effect this provides, we are not an exchange. Our automated assessments are specific to how you do business with the vendor.

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